Landscape Lighting Repairs and Replacement


Cypress Landscape Lighting is certified to service and repair outdoor landscape lighting systems. Based in West Vancouver, Cypress serves the entire Lower Mainland of BC including Squamish. With qualified lighting technicians, Cypress can service most lighting systems including LED and halogen. Over time signs of wear can emerge preventing the proper function of your lighting system. Cypress is fully capable to troubleshoot, repair, or replace any lighting system component.

If your lighting system is showing signs of age, or you are interested in adding more lights ot your outdoor lighting system, call Cypress to take care of your needs.

Signs Your Lighting System Needs Repairs or Attention

Like a lot of things, the longevity of your landscape lighting system will be contingent on the quality of the installation, the products used, and the exposure to the elements.

Poor Lighting Installation

If your lighting system hasn’t been installed correctly, it is only a matter of time before problems arise. Common issues could include poor wire connections using cheap connectors that don’t create a water tight connection, or an overloaded circuit the transformer wasn’t designed to handle.

Lower Quality Products

You get what you pay for! We have all heard that before, and landscape lighting products is no exception. Cypress uses high quality products like Kichler that come in a variety of styles and are backed by great warranties.

Extreme Elements

Depending on where you are located, elements like UV from the sun, moisture from rain, and heavy winds, your lighting fixtures will experience wear and tear. When it comes time to replace or repair lighting components Cypress ensures they install products that will best weather the elements.

Doing Landscape Lighting Repairs Right!

When it comes to Landscape Lighting Installation, Cypress uses only the best in lighting products. The same can be said for repairs and replacement of outdoor lighting fixtures and components. Cypress knows what it takes to design your system effectively, so when they stop by to do repairs, any deficiencies your lighting system may have will be brought to your attention. Cypress aims to get the most out of your lighting system for you so it is functioning at the highest level.

Things Cypress looks out for when assessing your landscape lighting system include:

  • Check Fixtures for proper positioning
  • Check for bare wires
  • Test lighting timers for proper function
  • Clean fixture reflectors and lenses
  • Clean around fixtures
  • Check for faulty fixtures
  • Replace bulbs that aren't working properly

Outdoor Lighting Repairs and Maintenance

Has your outdoor lighting system seen better days? Have one of our Cypress Landscape Lighting professionals come out to assess your lighting system and make any necessary adjustments, repairs, or replacement. Give us a call or use our convenient contact form to schedule a lighting repair service appointment.

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Landscape Lighting Reviews

  • Brian F
    "This business has done many service and repairs on our lighting and irrigation systems during 15 years. Always prompt and fairly priced. A couple of repeat visits for one problem were done at no charge. We highly recommended them for all your similar needs."
    Brian F
  • Garth A
    "West Van Irrigation has installed water and lighting for our house over the years and always has done a professional job with courteous installers. Highly recommend West Van Irrigation. Good people, good prices."
    Garth A
  • Chantal J
    "Recently had lights and water installed in a 4 zone system. The team was very helpful and ready to make changes on the fly. Our light installation was a bit of a challenge and the team spent a lot of time and multiple visits making sure that it we were 100% satisfied with the job. Great team, very friendly and easy to work with."
    Chantal J

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