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Based in West Vancouver, Cypress Landscape Lighting specializes in installing landscape lighting for small to large scale residential properties throughout the Lower Mainland. Cypress has a dedicated team of professional landscape lighting technicians who turn the ordinary into extraordinary using effective lighting design techniques and long lasting quality lighting products. Cypress provides the right outdoor illumination you need, custom designed for your outdoor living areas.

Having outdoor landscape lighting installed at your property come with several benefits, and Cypress’ customers expectations are always exceeded when the job is done.

Benefits to Landscape Lighting Installation

Aside from looking extravagant, landscape lighting comes with several advantages for any homeowner or commercial property.


Path lighting is an excellent example of keeping your walkways visible in the night hours. Whether its lighting up a path to your fire pit, or keeping your driveway edges marked, outdoor landscape lighting installation is an excellent measure to keep you safe.


Intruders stay out of the light, and with your property lit up at night, you drastically reduce the temptation for unwanted visitors to drop in.

Increased Home Value

The difference between a lit yard and one that isn’t is night and day! Okay, but seriously, our customers are always blown away by the transformation Cypress can make by lighting up their property. This translates into adding value to your home.

It Looks Great!

Time and again Cypress exceeds their customers’ expectations with how much outdoor landscape lighting brings to their outdoor living space. The value far outweighs the cost of of getting landscape lighting installed.


Although Cypress likes to use only the best in landscape lighting products, there are different pricing options that fit a variety of


Outdoor Lighting Installation for Everything and Anything

The Cypress Landscape Lighting design team love nothing more than to take a clean canvas and illuminate it in a way that will impress. It takes years of experience, knowing what works and what doesn’t, and what products to use for the many applications landscape lighting can be used for.

Following are just a sample of what Cypress illuminates in their landscape lighting design projects:

  • Entrance pathway lighting
  • Secondary pathway lighting
  • Driveway path lights
  • Up lights for large trees
  • Up lights for accent exterior walls
  • Step Lighting
  • Patio Lighting
  • Hanging Lighting

Professional Landscape Lighting Installation Services

Time to light up your home with outdoor landscape lighting installation? With years of experience, quality products, and competitive warranties, you can trust we'll look after you. Call the lighting professionals at Cypress to assess your property and provide a quote for outdoor lighting. Give us a call or use our convenient contact form to schedule a outdoor lighting installation quotation.

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Landscape Lighting Reviews

  • Brian F
    "This business has done many service and repairs on our lighting and irrigation systems during 15 years. Always prompt and fairly priced. A couple of repeat visits for one problem were done at no charge. We highly recommended them for all your similar needs."
    Brian F
  • Garth A
    "West Van Irrigation has installed water and lighting for our house over the years and always has done a professional job with courteous installers. Highly recommend West Van Irrigation. Good people, good prices."
    Garth A
  • Chantal J
    "Recently had lights and water installed in a 4 zone system. The team was very helpful and ready to make changes on the fly. Our light installation was a bit of a challenge and the team spent a lot of time and multiple visits making sure that it we were 100% satisfied with the job. Great team, very friendly and easy to work with."
    Chantal J

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