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Outdoor Christmas Lighting Décor West Vancouver

Christmas Lighting Specialists

If your lighting system is showing signs of age, or you are interested in adding more lights to your outdoor lighting system, call Cypress to take care of your needs.

When it comes to lighting up your home or yard for the holiday season, Cypress Landscape Lighting is the preferred choice for their residential and commercial clients. Based in West Vancouver, they provide Christmas light installation services for the entire Lower Mainland of BC including Squamish. Cypress offers design, installation, maintenance and take-down of your seasonal lighting décor.

What You Can Expect from Cypress

Cypress provides a free consultation for professional Christmas lighting design and installation. Whether you have your own lights, or are looking for new lights, Cypress’ friendly staff has the knowledge and expertise to give your property that magical look you are going for. The Cypress team is available throughout the holiday season to ensure your décor is shining bright with maintenance services available.

When the New Year rings in and it is time for Cypress to take your lights down, they can stow them away for you until the next holiday season.

Have Cypress Look After Your Christmas Lights This Season

Putting up Christmas lights can be a lot of work and safety is always a concern. Cypress has given several clients the peace of mind in knowing they don’t have to worry about it. Call one of our professionals for a complimentary design consultation or use our convenient contact form to schedule a Christmas light consultation appointment.

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